Fill your Heart with Love and Light

Wake up, Wake up, close your eyes, and feel the love not seen with your eyes. As you open your eyes, fill your heart with love and light, the fear and fright disappear into the darkness of the night. Look forward and not behind and a blank slate is what you will find. No expectations to fill your head, leaves your heart open to go where it is led. Lead with your heart and not your head, and it is your soul that will be fed. Wake up, wake up, it is your story to write from beginning to end.31232514_1165271886946191_6373763137615302379_n


Back to the Basics

Back to the basics. I have been hearing these words over and over in my head, as i go throughout my day, as i pray, and as i lay down my head each day. Life can get really complicated, so much to think and do, how do we stay grounded and still do what we have to do. Back to the basics of love and light, lay down the anger and fright, let all that is good back in your life. Back to the basics of living life with God, love, and light. Let go of the worry and let your light shine bright.

I Am Me

I am me. I am me, no matter what others see, no mater what others do, no matter what i’ve been through. It is through my heart i will learn to live and it is love that i will give. I am me in the midst of chaos and pain, i am me in happiness and joy, i am me there is no ploy. I am me and that is all i will ever be!

My Love, My Love

My love, my love, it is through the heart thy love is shown. I keep wanting to look above, but my love, my love, no matter where you look, you will soon find, I truly have never left your side. Anger and joy cannot exist at the same time, it is when you go within you find, you have a choice, to feel sadness or rejoice. My love, my love, forgive and live, feel the joy and love that were meant for you, open your heart and feel thy love brand new.   

Close your eyes and open your heart

When my eyes are open, but my heart is closed the distance between us grows. The heart shows us the way, open it up and its the love that stays. Life may hurt at times, but with an open heart it allows the healing to start. A closed heart may seem like the way, but its the sunshine and the rays that you are missing each day. Close you eyes and open you heart, let that which you can’t see lead you out of the dark.

Remember Gods Glory

You can curse your problems, you can live in the pain, or you can appreciate life and not let the lessons be in vain. Ups and downs are sure to happen, don’t get swallowed up in the story, lift your head up and remember Gods glory.

Feel Like I Can Fly

It is while on bended knee that I see love as light and hate as dark as night. Keep your faith no matter how much your foundation shakes, it’s believing in YOU that makes all things great! I see my life flash before my eyes, I can live life believing all the egos lies, or celebrate and feel like I can fly.

Hope Finds a Way

Each moment in time we have a choice, to live life and rejoice or to get lost in all the noise. Think, breath, and believe as life is beautiful journey of finding joy and shining your beautiful light. When you don’t have the strength it’s your faith that lights up the night, shining bright until you feel your inner light ignite. There are times when faith leads the way, hope finds a way, leading us out of darkness into the lightness of day.