I Find the Light in the Quiet of the Night

Tonight as i lay my head to sleep, i find the light in the quiet of the night. I see with my soul and feel with my heart, sending love to all of you as each day starts. The struggles you have are yours to bear, please feel the love in my words it is with thee I share.


Remember Gods Glory

You can curse your problems, you can live in the pain, or you can appreciate life and not let the lessons be in vain. Ups and downs are sure to happen, don’t get swallowed up in the story, lift your head up and remember Gods glory.

Feel Like I Can Fly

It is while on bended knee that I see love as light and hate as dark as night. Keep your faith no matter how much your foundation shakes, it’s believing in YOU that makes all things great! I see my life flash before my eyes, I can live life believing all the egos lies, or celebrate and feel like I can fly.

Hope Finds a Way

Each moment in time we have a choice, to live life and rejoice or to get lost in all the noise. Think, breath, and believe as life is beautiful journey of finding joy and shining your beautiful light. When you don’t have the strength it’s your faith that lights up the night, shining bright until you feel your inner light ignite. There are times when faith leads the way, hope finds a way, leading us out of darkness into the lightness of day.


Choices i make right now. Does it sit well, does it make my heart soar or drop to the floor.  I need not decide for tomorrow or worry about the past, this choice is for right now, listening to my heart sing songs of loving life and overcoming the hard times with Gods light. If the choice sits well with my soul, then it is right whether I soar or fall, it’s not always about being perfect or right, it’s about the experiences learned throughout the fight of darkness and light.   

Inner Strength 

Inner Strength. What is inner strength, what does it take, is it something i can fake. Inner strength means thinking about our actions, instead of relying on the same old reactions. Inner strength gives us enough courage to love more than hate, to trust in fate, to understand that to be great you often fall more times than you stand, and that it’s not weak to hold a helping hand. Inner strength does not mean you are always strong, but to keep on keeping on even when the day is extremely long, and to remember your faith and to show grace even on the darkest of days. Through the dark a light may shine, with inner strength and the divine.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to how you feel, what your body is telling you is real. Too much of my life i have ignored how my body feels, it’s not hard to stop and listen, you just have to pay attention. We are guided on what we should do each day, whether it’s our body or our soul, don’t let stress take a toll. When we pay attention we can start dealing with things in a different way, instead of a reaction let’s show compassion. I may not agree with what you do or say, but i will show respect, love, and light because in the end that is what i feel is right.

Live to Love, Love to Live

Live to love, love to live. To often we judge ourselves based on what we have done, said, or thought. Time to drop the judgement and watch the thoughts, life begins when we stop counting our sins. When you live to love, there is no need to judge, when you love to live your natural thought is to give. Now that the bad thoughts are gone, it is time to move on, life begins when the negativity ends.

Here and Now

Here and now. We often compare our lives to the past, at times wishing those times would of last. If we stay in the here and now, it’s experiences we can fully immerse, instead of wishing away each and every day. With love as my focus, appreciate each day as I may, each day can be sunshine or gray, your choice your say.