Pay Kindness Forward

We all have our demons to face at one time or another.   As we go throughout our day we never know what the people we see and interact with are going through.   Are you able to blindly show compassion to another expecting nothing in return?    We never know what our fellow brothers and sisters in this world are facing that day.   You could be the one person that turns somebody’s day around, as they could find hope and courage in your smile and kindness.  

The struggles we go through aren’t measured by how miserable they make us, rather by how we persevere and prosper despite them. I know there have been times in my life that the kindness shown to me helped me persevere through a tough times, and I vow to ‘pay kindness forward’ at each and every moment I can. Is there something you have done or will do today for no other reason than to ‘pay kindness forward’ to make a positive difference in this world?   Today? Tomorrow?  Daily?


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