Living Life on Your Terms – Rest In Peace Cindy Burgener

How do I keep calm and centered in the midst of chaos?   How do I keep true to myself in the midst of sadness and loss?   How do I honor the lives of those that have passed on too soon, but still give myself time to grieve?   These are all questions I ask myself or have asked myself during different times in my life.   I truly want to be a good person, to help others, to give more than I receive.  

Yesterday I lost a friend, a friend that I believe asked these same questions of herself.   I look at her life and know that she would have one answer, the one thing that she did herself… follow your heart and be true to yourself.   She loved unconditionally, smiled that bright smile and lived and loved life on her terms.   What were her terms?  To fill this world with her love and light, to leave a legacy of love, to show compassion to your fellow human being, and to follow your heart wherever it leads you trusting in your faith even if you can’t always see where it is leading you.   Cindy Burgener had a strong faith and she shared her love of God and spirituality with all of us that shared the same passion.    I love you and miss you dear Angel, but know you now have your wings and I will see you again someday.  ❤


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