The Way Others Treat Me is a Direct Reflection of my Actions

What does it mean to be a good wife, daughter, sister, friend, co-worker?   How do we know what we are doing is for the better of all involved?   For me the answer is 3 part: 1st you have to follow your heart and not your head.   2nd You have to check in with your husband, sibling, friends, and co-workers and ask if what you are doing is good for them and if there is anything you should change, then be ready to really listen to what they have to say.   3rd Pay attention to the reaction of others as you go about what you are doing, most often you can pick up on how your actions are affecting others if you just pay attention to what you are doing.

I’ve realized that others actions and the way they treat me is a direct reflection of my actions. This has been a powerful realization and I have actually seen results when I have changed my behavior with friends and family.   What this means for me, instead of pointing the finger and wanting and waiting for others to change their behavior I try to immediately look at myself and see what I can do to change the situation. It is often difficult to look within to change a given situation, so much so that many of us will quickly point the finger and place blame on others. What is truly difficult is to look within and admit that we need to do something differently, and in doing so learn life lessons along the way… but at the same time to not beat ourselves up for making a mistake.   You see it’s these ‘mistakes’ that we make that help guide us, without them we wouldn’t learn and grow in faith and love. So please today as you go throughout your day pay attention to others reactions, listen with love in your heart, and respond with compassion to yourself and others.


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