Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone. Many people have a comfort zone that they don’t like to step out of, they find comfort in seeing and doing the same things…. But at the same time yearn for something different.   I know I have my routine and have been asked at times to step outside of my comfort zone and at first my body freezes and my head says no, but my heart says yes! I get scared that I will fail and want to go back to my safe comfort zone where I know I can succeed.   However, I have learned that it is not always a bad thing to fail, it is through our failures that we learn how to succeed and we learn what we are truly capable of.   So, when you have an opportunity that scares you and you want to say no, it is important to stop and listen to your heart and understand why you are saying no. If the no is because of your ego and fear of failure, time to really take time and listen to your heart and then make your decision.   Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone whenever possible, without a nudge or a push forward we might not find our greatest love, passion, and gifts.   Love and blessings!


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