Why Am I Here?

Why are we here?   I was listening to the radio on the way into work and a song came on discussing why are we here and what are we to do while we are on this earth.   I knew as soon as I heard the song I would be writing about it this morning.   This topic really has me thinking about what I am doing, overall what is my motivations for what I’m doing today in my life.   Why am I here? As I try to answer that question, does it change what I am doing today, tomorrow, and in the future?   I personally have been on a quest to answer this question, and at times have thought too hard on it.   I have made the decision that simpler is better, I’m here to help others, period.   There is a lot that goes into making that happen, but if I keep my intentions very clear it is so much easier to stay on the path I desire.   Each and every life lesson I have had involves another, either in that I’ve learned more about myself or that I’ve learned more about another.   I am not on this earth to be alone and to shield myself from the outside world, I am here to be a light for those when theirs is unable to shine bright.   I am also here to be the recipient of another’s light when mine is too dim to light my way.   Let’s open our eyes and love one another and allow ourselves to be loved, that is why we are here!   Love and blessings!


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