What happens if you get news that you don’t want to hear?   How do you handle it?   Kick and scream and yell it’s not fair… yea maybe for a minute.   Then what do we do?   You have to let yourself feel all the emotions and go through all that entails for what you are experiencing.  At some point acceptance as to what is going on is necessary, but that comes in your own time and for each person this is different.   Once acceptance comes you can start seeing the lessons and maybe even sometimes the beauty in what is going on in your life.   Life happens, we can’t control all things that go on in our lives, but we can control how we handle the things that come at us.   Acceptance and healing when you are ready will open the door for you to see and allow other good things to come into your life.   Appreciate what is going on now, believe you are never alone, and stay as positive as you can no matter what is going on in your life.   Love and blessings!


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