Pursue Your Dreams!

Having the life we want and cherish takes work, it does not just happen by luck.  Work does not always mean hard, many times it means getting lost in something that is so much bigger then ourselves.   I hear people say all the time how lucky so and so is, or can you believe how lucky they are to have a house like that, or their dream job?   Luck has nothing to do with it, it has to do with hard work, dedication, and willingness to take a risk to pursue your dreams.   Life is not always easy, or comfortable… but easy and/or comfortable will only bring you more of the same of what you have.   If you truly want more out of life it’s time to take risk, put yourself out there more, and be comfortable pushing yourself and being uncomfortable.    Situations will not always turn out as you plan, but things will always happen as they should.  It’s important to remember that we might not understand how situations/events/people will change our lives, especially at the time they are happening.  I always try to not judge what is going on and first I make sure to feel what is going on, life is emotional and it’s important to allow ourselves to really feel what is going on… both in sad/fearful situations as well as happy/ joyous.   Next, I let my faith lead me through, surrounded by those precious few friends/family that help you along the way.  Lastly, I reflect and see how I’ve changed or in how I would like to change to better reflect the person I aspire to be.    There really is no right or wrong in how we live our life, rather a series of events that happen that lead us to learn more about ourselves, the people around us, and in our faith.   Love yourself, love others, and participate in this game called life.   Love and blessings!


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