More.  Does life at time feel monotonous, boring, and like you are bouncing around like a ping pong ball?   Do you want more out of life?    Do you want to feel more, see more, be more?  Every day I strive for more!  For me to achieve this consistently I know I need to live life outside of my ego mind.   It can be as simple as changing your perception, starting with perceiving daily things differently, and then broadening it to bigger and bigger things.   It takes practice, getting out of your own head, not taking everything so personally, and feeling through life instead of always thinking through it.   For me my faith and spirituality has helped me do this by bringing more into life, more love, more understanding, more meaning… it has given me a focus I have never had before and that feels powerful and wonderful.  Wanting more out of life means giving more of yourself to it, taking a leap of faith and knowing, acting, and believing that you are more.   You are more of what this world needs…. You are more love, more compassion, more light in a world that needs more!   More people like you, living life with passion, positivity and purpose!


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