Learning from Life Experiences

I heard something yesterday that stuck and has me really thinking this morning.   As we get older we learn things that we couldn’t possibly know during our younger years, and as we learn more and grow from life experiences it teaches us to be more giving, loving, and compassionate.      For myself I would add patience to that list…  for both myself and with others.    This patience has allowed me to become better at listening and just being there for another.   I’ve learned that being there for somebody often means doing nothing more than listening and allowing my love and compassion to be felt by the other person.  I have learned as I get older that if pay more attention to my own actions and worry less about others actions I feel more empowered and less hopelessness.  I’ve learned that I can control only my own actions and that I need not place expectations on another’s actions.  Having expectations of another sets a relationship up for failure and disappointment, as another could not possibly know what expectations and wants are in our head.   I’ve instead worked on improving my communication skills while exercising patience, love, and compassion.   Ideally, if somebody close to me is having a bad day and is being cranky I would like to condition myself to give them a hug instead of feeling frustrated and upset with them.   I think about how different my life will be if I remove frustration and anger from my interactions and instead start each day by giving love and compassion to each person I encounter.   Love and blessings!


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