What’s Your Story?

Is it time to change your story?  Have you ever been in a bad mood and start saying things that begin with always or never,  while directing your fear and anger at another or been around another that is directing that energy at you?    Sometimes these bad moods get the best of us and the negative and/or fearful things coming from our mouth take on a story.   In verbalizing these words we are making the story come alive.    If we let ourselves continue on this path our story starts coming true and we see everything in our life through that negative lens.   What if the story of our life was that we are always blessed, and amazing and wonderful things are always coming into our life!   I believe positivity opens our eyes to the beauty in the world.    I believe giving and receiving love changes everything in our life, it centers us and helps us see what is really important in this world.   It’s essential to think about the words that come out of our mouth and to understand the story we are telling the world.   So, what’s your story?     Love and blessings!


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