Believe and Achieve!

Believe.   What is it you believe you can achieve in this life?   Do you believe you must go through life alone conquering issues as they come up or do you believe in accepting the help from those around you?   Does your faith and belief system bring you comfort when you mind is in overdrive and has brought thoughts of negative and fearful possibilities?    I really love the saying, “What you believe you can achieve” as it shows that you must believe in yourself and dream big in order to achieve what it is that your heart desires!   In my personal experience in order to have that kind of positive self-image and trust in yourself, faith has been my foundation in making that happen.

Life happens, whether we are paying attention or not, and we have the ability to control in what directions it goes by choosing to believe in ourselves, believing in others, and in trusting in our faith.   Believe life is about happiness, believe life is about loving one another, and believe life is wonderful.   Think about this:   you can choose to be happy or sad, positive or negative, fearful or fearless but you cannot be both of those things at the same time.  If you are happy there is no room for sadness, if you are being positive there is no room for negative thoughts, and being fearless sheds light on the darkness of fear.   Believe you are amazing and that wonderful things will happen in your lifetime, how can it be any other way with your light shining so bright?!   Love and blessings!


One thought on “Believe and Achieve!

  1. Today’s reading has motivated me to really focus and up my “Self-Positive” game-mentality more than these upcoming weeks. Thank you


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