Truth is….

Truth is I try to walk through life following your teachings, but I often fail.    Truth is I try to start and end each day thanking you for the many blessings in my life, but sometimes the buzz of the alarm and the looming responsibilities start my day instead and end with thoughts of things still to do.   Truth is I try to make decisions and take action based on what is coming from my heart, but many times I use my head instead.   Truth is I used to beat myself up and make myself wrong for making these mistakes, but now I know it is all part of your plan.   How can we know the true glory of your love if we haven’t experienced parts of our life without it.   I know now we are not meant to be perfect in your eyes, rather we are meant to persevere through our struggles, failures, and mistakes finding our way to your everlasting love.  It’s been through the journey of coming back from my biggest struggles/mistakes/failures that I’ve experienced some of the biggest blessings in my life.    In order to have seen those blessings I had to be vulnerable, let go of the anger and fear, and follow my heart.   Truth is…. Every road I have ever taken has led back to you.   Truth is…. God, faith, love is all the answer you will ever need.    ❤


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