Calm In The Storm

Staying calm in the midst of chaos and swirling emotions.   By far the hardest thing I experience is to stay centered and grounded in the midst of emotional turmoil, be it my own or that of those around me.   If I don’t pay attention I can fall into negativity and fear without consciously realizing it.   Normally after I feel the negative emotions for a while it will then trigger a feeling of ‘I need to get out of this negative thinking pattern’, allowing me to think clearly and then I know I have a choice of how to continue to react and behave.   I’ve learned that when life is at its most chaotic and crazy that is when I need to be the most observant and reflective in my actions.   If I don’t reflect and understand where I am emotionally I can’t understand how I am affecting others or even more important if I am acting in the best way possible for myself!   Lastly, it’s important to never make ourselves wrong for our actions, life is not about exacts and perfection, it’s about learning, loving, and enjoying our time here on earth!  Love and blessings!


One thought on “Calm In The Storm

  1. i had an experience this evening that put me in a bad place temporarily, but then i realized that I do have a choice…and I choose to be be happy no matter what 🙂 Thank you for this writing


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