Enough.   I pray that you will always have enough to be happy, fulfilled, and prosperous.    Enough love to fill your heart and enough faith to fill your soul.    What is enough and how do we know?   I believe once we focus on what we need internally instead of externally we understand that what we are given is exactly what we are supposed to have.   When we focus too much on the external we tend to feel that we need more and are not satisfied with what we have.   Sometimes we wait for others to provide us with what we need to provide for ourselves.   When I start to feel sad, overwhelmed, or angry this is a sign that I am not focusing on the right things for me, I’m focusing on the external things in my life that don’t fill my heart and soul.   Our feelings are a guiding light that helps us understand who we are and what we need.   These feelings are never bad, rather directions on the road map of life!


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