With YOU!

Without you.   Can you see my hand, the tears in my eyes, can you feel the desperation filling my head?    I keep thinking that I am not worth your love and what is so special about me?   I keep hearing that little voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough or smart enough and that your love is for other people and is not meant for me.

With you.  I open my eyes and see your light shining bright, colors so vivid and bold the beauty is a sight to behold.    Your words of encouragement, compassion, and love fill my body and soul.   I hear your everlasting love, telling me how special I am and that your love is with me always.   I feel your hand on my hand, the tears I weep are tears of joy, and I feel a love so certain feel my body and soul that I know with you I can accomplish what my heart and soul desires.  With you instead of feeling like this life is lasting forever, it feels everlasting.   With you this life is filled with love, compassion, and joy…. I open my eyes and I am with you, WITH YOU!


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