Hope.   As I walk out of the shadows and into the light, I feel like a heavy blanket has been lifted from my shoulders.   I open my eyes and look around, things look different,  emotions feel stronger, and I have an overwhelming sense of compassion for my fellow man.    I can see clearly now that from despair comes hope, and from hope a deep sense of gratitude.    I now understand that with the unknown we can replace fear with hope, we can choose to see the light instead of the dark.  Once we plant the seed of hope in our mind, the flowers of positivity, happiness, and compassion bloom into the most amazing vivid colors.  No matter what is going on in our lives, there is always that seed of hope, it just needs to be acknowledged and given light as it cannot grow in darkness.   We all have struggles in life, we all search for that which brings us comfort and that which brings us comfort is different for each of us.    We all share the ability to hope, pray, and love ourselves through these times.  So, plant that seed of hope and bring the light in and behold the beauty it creates.   Love and blessings!


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