Serenity.  Each day is a struggle, a battle of wills on what thoughts are allowed to reside in my head.   There are always the loud negative thoughts ready to take root and grow, if only I let them.   As a wise friend once said to me, “Healthy eating is to the body, what positive thinking is to the mind.”   That statement is so profound, if we allow negative thinking to reside in our mind we are giving power to that which we do not desire.   Serenity is not a destination that we aspire to reach someday, it’s a way of living that we can strive for each and every day.   It can be easy to say I live by faith and have god in my heart, but to live by these words and have my actions and thoughts follow is where my faith and love in god is really achieved.  Living by my words means to react with love, kindness and compassion in the face of anger, fear and chaos.   Serenity is not achieved through outward words, it is achieved through pure thoughts,  through having control over the thoughts in our head, and then proceeding with pure unconditional love.  Serenity.  Love.  Compassion.


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