Loving you, Loving me!

Loving me, loving you, what would my life be without you by my side?   As I focus on dealing with my own internal struggles, I feel hope and know this comes from loving me, loving you.      Loving me could not be without loving you, through you I see, I feel, I know that  I am all things good and kind.   I need to feel those positive emotions about myself, so I can feel and believe those positive emotions for another.    Believing all things are possible with you, seeing all things are possible with you, leads to positive actions for me through you.    With you I know that self-reflection, rather than finger pointing leads to growth and more enriched relationships.    All things start with me, my choice on how I react, how I respond, and how I treat others around me regardless of external forces.    When I understand my feelings, I can choose to respond with love and compassion and stop believing I’m a victim.   With you, with me, we can inspire, we can be the change we want to see in this world…. LOVING YOU, LOVING ME!


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