What do you value?

Value.   What is it you value in this life?  Is that which you value helping you reach your hearts desires, your goals, your dreams?   I know at times I have been scared of rejection, that people would not ‘get’ what I was writing, and didn’t post my writings for fear of what others would think of me.   I was valuing others opinions over my passion for writing, I was valuing being liked over being myself.   Eventually I came to understand that no matter what others thought of me I had to share my truth with the world, my words that help me get through each day, my words that shine a bright light on my life.  Sure, there were some that didn’t get what I was saying or doing, but there were also some that did!  My values of who I am and what I do had to match up with what I was doing or I wouldn’t be able to continue doing what I love, so I made the necessary changes in my life to ensure my values and my goals and dreams were in line.    Be yourself, be bold in your actions, and VALUE yourself above all others and follow that which you were put on this earth to do!   Love and blessings!


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