Lovely Amen!

Lovely Amen. I think to myself, when I am gone what kind of legacy am I going to leave behind?   What will I be remembered for?  Then I think, my last days on earth are not about anybody else, life is all about me!   What will I remember myself as? What marks do I believe I have left on this world?   As I look back on my life now am I happy with the person I have become, but even more importantly am I happy with the person I see reflected back in the mirror right this moment?   The focus is and always should be me, when I can lay my head down at night and be happy with me, that IS life!   Life is about the now, following your heart, and being able to smile each and every day for the love you feel in your heart for yourself and those around you!   Live life through your heart and not another’s, that my friends would be one lovely Amen!


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