Falling Into Grace

Falling into grace.    I’ve often wondered as I sit in quiet contemplation, what would YOU think of the life I have made?     I certainly have not been perfect, even with the best of intentions I fear I have fallen short of YOUR grace.   I try to keep the anger at bay and the fear clear, but I know today as I participate in life I may fall short of YOUR grace.   As I bend my head in prayer, I start to understand a life lived perfect is unattainable by any man.   Perfection is an ever changing environment made up in your mind, and ever changing based on  your current circumstances.   Now I understand, when I thought I was falling from your grace I was actually falling into your grace, each fall actually brought me closer to you because when I fall down I reach up and feel your love surround me.   When I fall down I learn more about myself, and as I learn more about myself I live life from my heart, and a life lived from my heart has me falling into grace!   I’m learning to take life as it comes, not to judge it, myself, or others and this feeling is so amazing as I’m falling into grace!


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