Dream a Beautiful Dream!

Dream a beautiful dream.    Wake up, follow your heart, now is the time to start.    The present moment is all we are promised, the future a blank slate ready for our story and all its glory.   Each choice you make a step towards that dream,  look up, can’t you hear the cheer from those that hold you dear.   Love and faith are part of the plan, don’t you know I AM your biggest fan.   So my dear, please look in the mirror and show that gorgeous smile as life is magical when you trust in yourself.   You know what you must do, follow your heart and make your dreams come true.    I can see your happiness and hear your laughter from way up here, please know I am cheering and smiling from ear to ear for a life lived with you my dear!   Dreams are meant to feed your soul, oh yes I can see your soul full of love and light, oh it’s such a beautiful sight!


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