Positive Light

Positive light.   When I walk through the day, what do I feel, what do I see, what do I hear?   Do I feel a connection with God? Do I feel a connection with those around me?  Do I see the good in others, or do I see the bad in the world?   Do I hear only the criticisms that are said or do I hear the wonderful happy things spoken in truth?   In order to really connect with God and those around you, I believe you have to bring light in the areas of your life that currently exist in the darkness of fear, anger, and anxiety.   Bringing the light of positivity and love into your life allows you to see that which was previously hidden in darkness, and life looks, feels, and sounds different.   Live life with a positive light beaming brightly, let this light be a beacon always leading you back to the life you are meant to live.


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