Kindness.   Sometimes you might not feel like being kind, but never mind you will always find what you need as kindness resides in your heart, that is a good place to start.   To be kind is to think outside of yourself, to love selflessly, to see something in another they can’t see in themselves.   To be kind is to know your words matter, to think before you speak, to treat another as you yourself would want to be treated.   To be kind, you don’t always need to speak your mind, sometimes you will find a smile and a nod as you walk away are much better than anything you could say.   What is the reason for the words you say, will it help keep the anger and fear at bay?   Smile until you find a way to be kind, love conquers anger and fear, always keep the love in your heart near.   Choose kindness, this is when you are at your finest.


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