Let Me Introduce You, To You!

Let me introduce you, to you!   Look in the mirror, what do you fear?   As you think of tomorrow, do you feel sorrow?   There is a side of you that you might not know, it doesn’t want to see you learn and grow.    Your ego takes advantage of your human side, it makes you want to run and hide.   What you don’t know is that none of the things your ego says are true, it really has no clue just how amazing you are, to find your strength you don’t have to go far.   Quiet your mind and think good thoughts, bringing light into the fight is the right thing to do, otherwise you will be left feeling blue.   Replace bad thoughts with good, the more you do it the easier it gets, go ahead and try and see if it fits.   Love yourself through the good times and the bad, there is no reason to get mad, this life is really rad.    There is nothing you can’t do, feel the confidence rising up inside you, let me introduce you to wonderful, amazing, beautiful you!

There is nothing you can't do 11202015


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