Love Immeasurable

Be too friendly.  Be too nice.  I am often told that I am too nice or too friendly, why don’t I treat others how they deserve?  I believe everybody deserves to be treated with love and respect, who am I to judge how another lives their life?  I treat people how I would want to be treated, no matter the response I get in return on in how they treat me.   To give unto another with no expectations is the ultimate gift, for your intent is pure and your love immeasurable.  How I treat you should not and will not depend on what kind of traffic there was this morning or in how my boss decided to treat me today.   When your love comes from within, all the external things that used to matter don’t, when you respect yourselves and others nobody can make you ‘act’ or ‘feel’ other then what you feel from within.   Love yourself, love thy neighbor, and smile to match the beautiful soul that resides within you.

To give unto another 11252015


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